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Subject: Re: I have an objection ( 19 of 22 )
Posted by Cagliostro

>Unless they're watching the pokemon cartoon, that is.<

Actually, if you had read the post, that is specifically what I was talking about. I got excited about Pokemon through the show, realizing there was a brain behind the show besides just the marketing division. And a heart, which the marketing folks lack. I've been pretty good up until now about not buying any Pokemon products, and not supporting the marketing stuff, and only supporting the show, which I think is clever. I loved the first movie, by the way. I took my girlfriend who didn't really care for Pokemon until I took her. We both cried during the movie, which was quite a shock to both of us. I figured that buying a ticket was supporting the show. Well, recently I broke down my morals and bought a Gameboy with the intention of buying the Pokemon game. It is actually quite a fun game, which is what I heard before I bought it and why I bought it. I think it is evil that they have essentially 3 versions of the same game, but you have to have a friend with a Gameboy and the Pokemon game of another color (blue and red) to be able to make your second goal of the game, which is to collect all 150 Pokemon. They have 3 games out (other is Yellow) which are all the same game, and I find that evil. They are about to release the sequel to the games, but they are again making two versions in which you have to buy both to get the full experience. Sucks. Anyway, I love the show and the first movie. The second movie I did see, and it was fun, but not much different from a regular episode, except bigger and longer. Anyway, that's my take on it, so go see a few episodes of the show, preferably the first season episodes. The new shows I have kind of lost interest in, but will occasionally blow back through to see what is going on, and watch the silliness. Then after understanding some about what is going on in this place and getting familiar with the characters, see the first movie. I believe unless you have a heart of stone, you will not be disappointed.
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