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Subject: HHG Game Format... ( 4 of 8 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina

A HHG game sounds GREAT; I'd simply _love_ to see what one of those would be like with actual pictures and sounds. (Especially considering the technology video games have today!) Not that I didn't like the text one; I did, but I'm still curious about _seeing_ the characters in a game, too. :)

One little...well, I can't really call it a suggestion or a request, since it's ALREADY being made, but...well, call it a comment:

Please see if you can release it on more than one system. I know that it's probably going to be for Playstation or Playstation 2 as those are the "trendiest" video game console systems out there right now, but I do not own either one; neither do I want to. I would prefer it to come out on Dreamcast or, failing that, how about a nice ordinary home computer version, that just about EVERYBODY can play? :) For Windows/IBM, not Mac. Or if you're going to do Mac, then also _include_ a Windows/IBM version.

Anyway, if you like techie stuff, bear in mind that the Dreamcast has 128-bit graphic technology, which is 4 times higher than Playstation and twice as powerful as the N64, so the characters, backgrounds, etc. could look REALLY good and detailed/realistic on that system. It also has CD-quality stereo music and when people talk to/sing at you, it sounds like real, human voices with no distortion at all. I've played some _early_ games for the Dreamcast, stuff that came out at the same time the system itself did, and they were stunning. (Has anybody here seen "Sonic Adventure"? The Ice Cap Zone, the Twinkle Park roller coaster sequence, and the Lost World ala "Sonic Jones and the Temple of Doom" have to be EXPERIENCED to be believed....) I haven't had the money to keep up with its newer-generation games but I'll bet they've been refining the technology and learning how to use it better, all along.

Still, it's not selling as well as Playstation, so home computer is probably the "fairest" way to go. Or release it on both PC AND Playstation, like the newer Final Fantasy games. (Which was a LIFE-SAVER for me, as I've been wanting to play Final Fantasy VII for _years_ now...) :)

My point is, I wanna PLAY the damn game, and I don't wanna have to buy a new system to do it! :P

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