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Subject: mr. Adams ( 1 of 2 )
Posted by Jefta

Dear mr. Adams

I am a dutch male of 28 yrs old.
I''ve read all of your books. I would like to take this opportunety to tell U what kind of impact this book has in my life, and i hope you will take just a few minutes to read this.

Currently, i think i have read all the 5 of the trilogy about 20 times. It never bored me. If anyone asks me "What is the most importent thing happened in your life?", i say "It is the fact that i found a book of Douglas Adams one day". Your books showed me the unendless possebilleties of existence in this life. What do I mean by that?
Well, while reading your books for the 1st time, i found out that the story about THGTG could as well be true as false, and if that is true, what is reality then for me? There is no awnser to that. So this is were i found out that we make our own reality and that my reality can be complete different of the people i am dealing with in life.
And if that's true, i better make my reality worth while. This is were my life changed. I suddenly made new friends, who were, for a change, interesting. I got a new job (system Engineer), exactly the job I allways wanted, got a girlfriend and now I'm happely married and 2 children. Coinsedence? I doubt it. In life, when meeting people, go shopping or what ever, words of your books allways goes thru my mind. I use it in every thinkable situation.
I would like to thank U for writing your books and I hope U will find the inspiration one day to write trilogy book number 6.

Jefta Knoppers

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