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Subject: Mr. Adams, you misread the post ( 4 of 9 )
Posted by Kostas Spiliotis

Mr. Adams,the guy who asked about who would play Arthur Dent asked you about who would you pick to play Arthur Dent? He didn't ask whether you would play Arthur Dent. By the way, is Arthur Dent still going to be an Englishman? If he is, I do have a few suggestions for Arthur Dent, Chris Barrie, brilliant with playing incompetent characters, (I was going to say Michael Palin but I do know he's too old for the role),and Nigel Planer, who I've seen play comical characters so well like a wimpy hippy in "The Young Ones" and another shy character in the new first British webcasted (yes, as in online for people to see online) sitcom called "Jerry and Tom" on the new British Web Broadcasting website at

All fans of Red Dwarf who see this post must know that Robert Llewelyn ("Kryten" from Red Dwarf) stars in and produced this online sitcom.
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