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Subject: Re: DNA--about lemurs ( 7 of 9 )
Posted by Chevy Amonaly

I love lemurs.

Preferably medium-well. I suggest with a nice red. (Wine, not communist. Although, I did hear Mrs. Gorbachev prepared a fine lemur au gratin. But that's before the fall. Of communism, Not lemurs. Oh, don't start up with me about falling lemurs. You'd think, being related to the feline, that lemurs would be rather agile. Not he case. Lemurs don't fall well at all. And medium-well lemurs, well, they are absolutely disgraceful with all matters relating to the defiance of gravity and/or physics. Except for that "A body a rest tends to stay at rest" thingy. At this they appear to excel.)

Why, just the other night I said, "Honey, this is delicious! Pass the lemur."

Honey said, "I am so delighted you like it. I got the recipe from that little Russian lady that just moved in down the street."

Um-um good.
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