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Subject: Re: New movie? Who's to do the music? ( 2 of 13 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

Nice to hear from you - I enjoy your music.

I do have ideas about how the music might work for the movie, but it's probably a little premature for me to talk about it publically as yet.

Generally speaking I do like the business of matching up pre-existing pieces of music to drama instead of getting music specially written. You get serendipitous effects that you can't plan for. As you probably know, Kubrick had commissioned a soundtrack for 2001, and the very famous and eclectic soundtrack we all now know was one he had cobbled together while waiting for the commissioned one. He realised it was better.

I imagine that we might end up with something which is a mix of favourite old tracks and some specially commissioned stuff where it's necessary. Luckily the producer, Roge Birnbaum, is great music fan, and in fact came from the music biz originally.
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