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Subject: Re: Dirk ,Ford new books a hello and Fred Ward trivia...but not much ( 6 of 22 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina

I am glad somebody else liked David Dixon in the TV miniseries (it wasn't a movie, per se). I mean, just about EVERYONE liked Simon Jones, but...

Incidentally, here's something odd: I was watching Nick at Nite the other day, and "Newhart" came on, and the main character, Dick Louden, had this really depressing, cynical, dark-minded scientist dude with a British accent as a guest on his show. And guess who was playing him. Simon Jones! :) No, really. I thought that was an odd little "sighting"...I was like....."Wait....THAT voice is...familiar..."
(And this was from the mid-'80s, so he didn't look all that different from when he did the Hitchhiker's series.)

Anyway. Modern-day actual MOVIE-movie that hopefully will be made but hasn't been yet...DEFINITELY Jeff Goldblum. He's perhaps a bit old to play Ford (Ford is 200 but is supposed to LOOK around 30), but, out of all the choices I've heard for that character so far, Goldblum is the best. I like him, he is a very good actor. Nicholas YUCK! I hate him. I don't know what people see in him, but whatever it is, I certainly don't see it.
The casting of Ford Prefect is important to me as he is easily my favourite character. And I totally agree that whoever plays him has to be slightly--just SLIGHTLY, mind you--OFF-looking. Not really strange. ALMOST can pass as normal, but there's just something...unnerving...that you can't quite put your finger on...

And Gekko? Welcome to the forum! And I hope we don't suddenly renew your fear of message boards by doing something incredibly weird that scares you off again. Welcome, welcome. :)

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