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Subject: Re: Mac OS X ( 6 of 48 )
Posted by Chris

One of the things I love about OS X is that any applications that are badly written just fall over and crash horribly, but in their own memory partition so they can't take anything else down with them. The OS then just says "Oh. That application seems to have fallen over. Everything else is fine, though."

Did someone say Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1?

I also like exploring the standard UNIX distribution bits and pieces that are lying about. For example, you can type in 'aliases' in a terminal to get a list of pre-configured short-cut commands. One of these is a command called 'word' that just searches through a dictionary file matching regular expressions.

For example, if you're stuck on a crossword clue and have _G__T_AN, you can just type in 'word', hit Return, and it will immediately suggest 'egyptian' (and anything else that fits). Cool. And slightly cooler because you have to discover these things. Exploring's fun.

Pretty soon there'll be an O'Reilly book out on Mac OS X covering all these goodies and more.
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