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Subject: Re: 3D? ( 5 of 5 )
Posted by Tim Browse

>you must understand that the lack of 3d programs
>like softimage, 3dsMax, and maya is serious
>shortcomming of the MacOS platform.

And you must understand that for a job like this, people very often choose the software first and the hardware second. When you spend all of your working day in one piece of software (as does a SoftImage 3D artist), you get the hardware that runs what you consider to be the 'best' software for the job.

Budget permitting, of course - before SoftImage NT, the hardware needed to run SoftImage was SGIs (i.e. vastly over-priced hardware), and yet still people paid for it, because they believed it was worth it - this is the best proof of what I'm trying to say.

While all matters like this are trade-offs, and we would have preferred to been able to use commodity platforms like PCs/Macs for everything, the software is king, and Mac or PC evangelism has to take a hike.

Tim Browse
Technical Lead
Starship Titanic Project
The Digital Village

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