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Subject: Re: Arh! England! ( 3 of 3 )
Posted by Noel Wade

In defense of DNA - I'd like to point out that we Americans are actually even worse than the British about this. In fact, in most schools the TEACHERS even don't teach or make a distinction between the two! Virtually NOTHING about the history of how the UK came to be is explained in our "European History" classes... the only thing most people know is the movie "Braveheart" *sigh* Luckily, being in a Regimental-theme band in high school with a good director (and decent parents I might add - something sorely lacking here in the States), I was exposed to a lot more than most young Americans; and got to take a 3 week musical tour of the UK and Europe. Speaking of which - any suggestions / tips when it comes to moving to the UK?? I think I may try to get citizenship or at least some sort of long-term VISA either there, or in Switzerland. Those are the two nicest places I've ever been... (and I've travelled over nearly 75% of the U.S., in addition to that European tour).

Take care!

--Noel Wade

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