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Subject: R.I.P. Stanley Kubrick ( 1 of 10 )
Posted by Kilgore Dent

Kubrick was, and is, in my own humble opinion which happens to be right, the best filmmaker to date. You've noted how much you love 2001, but are you also an all-around Kubrick buff? Perhaps even in association with him, as near impossible as it is for someone to be in association with him? I always had a bit of a dream that ol' Stan would be the one to direct the Guide movie. I shall admit, I formed a tear at the news.

"Ford? What are we doing back on this ship? Is this...the ship I think it is?"
"Yes, yes, in fact. And judging by the Vogon-brand dirty underwear adorning that fan, I'd guess we're in the right."

Suddenly, Arthur felt his arms twisted behind his back as he was lead to the familiar poetry appreciation room, with the chief of armpit goo clearing his throat and reading over the 23rd verse of his epic poem, "Ballad of theBoil Growing Rapidly on the Back of My Ear." Arthur watched as Ford was strapped into a piece of odd machinery before being given the same treatment. As a futuristic eyepiece lowered over his pupils, he caught the word "Ludovico" printed in large, friendly letters on a bar. As Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz reared his ugly head on the retained duo again, Arthur attempted to plug his ears with his fingertips, but his eyes and ears were wrenched open by cold metal, and he had no choice but to be attentive. He couldn't go through this again; he was sure of it as the poem's ghastly vocabulary floated towards him.


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