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Subject: Get a professorship now, and beat the rush ( 1 of 2 )
Posted by Talentedspaniel

Just a note to say ta muchly for the usefulness of the HHGTG. I am doing a philosophy degree and have so far been able to quote "The book" for almost every essay. The bable fish argument to refute Descartes ontological argument for the existence of God, The dolphins in support of both animal rights and post-modernism, the kangaroo drive in weak support of Kant's conception of what space might also enfuriates markers ending eassays with "to summerise the summary of the summary, people are a problem" Your works are, of course, fully credited in my bibliography, another work-polstering quality.
Oh, yeah, a question - are these ideas that come up so often in your books just a passing curiosity or are you actually knee deep in books and copies of "Mind"? If the latter, the philosophy department of Warwick could do with a boost if you're looking for a part time job! (the English department have just got Gemaine Greer, and we're jealous)...

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