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Subject: Re: The Oscars ( 3 of 4 )
Posted by woodears

I try to judge each film on its own merits.Since I don't work in live action I really don't have an axe to grind for the nominees (and no, my studio's product has absolutely no influence on me.) It was a difficult thing comparing SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. The films are obviously apples and oranges. Nevertheless, I voted for the latter since I considered *everything* about both films. The first and last twenty minutes of PRIVATE RYAN are gripping cinema. Most of the rest of it was fairly standard WWII film plotting. I was charmed by SHAKESPEARE and thought that *As a whole* it was the best film in the running, with every aspect of the production being outstanding...
It's allegedly easier to judge the category awards, but films like PLEASANTVILLE weren't even nominated for special effects, and it was a far superior film in that regard to some that were.
In my opinion, both Billy Bob Thornton and Robert Duvall deserved awards for their performances. I guessed wrong.
As I mentioned earlier, I feel that the award of the Best Actor statue to Roberto Benigni was a gross injustisce to the other nominees. For the life of me I can't see why this movie got so much attention.
I can only nominate films in my category and Best Picture, so I had no say in the nominations for effects. You're at the mercy of your fellow Academy members there.
Perhaps the Acting branch has the politics, since most of the membership is there. I'm in a small and fairly unimportant section (but we, of course, find it quite important indeed.) There were some excellent animated films nominated this year. I can recommend Mark Baker's THE JOLLY ROGER to you very highly. No, it didn't win, but it didn't lose to an inferior film either.
You could also check out THE CANTERBURY TALES. The winner, BUNNY, was also very good.

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