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Subject: Re: Copyright theft? ( 6 of 6 )
Posted by Hawley Smoot

Please don't take this as silliness, but I don't like the term "piracy" very much. The image of a pirate, to me, will always be the semi-noble scourge of the sea. The elloquent, intelligent person, who lacks but one thing (besides frequent bathing): Morals. Pirates don't try to rationalize what they do. They're bad and they know it. They don't say, "awww, if I didn't blast their ship and steal all their gold, I would have just bought it anyway..." They say, "Arr, hand over your gold, me beauties, or I'll slit your throat!"

I think my point is, illegal acts shouldn't be rationalized. That's a problem with society. People do things that are obviously wrong, and try to pretend that they were in the right. My (heavily Treasure Island influenced) analogy may not be too clear, but I think software and music pirates should just be referred to by what they are: thieves.

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