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Subject: Re: Please tell me you're still a Mac zealot ( 7 of 9 )
Posted by Agrajag

I dont like mac, butit MAY have a future in gaming now that some of the biggest gaming companies (like id Software) is startingg to develop there games for mac
soon, the quake 3 test will be available on both pc and mac so dont worry this may become a standard soon..

I also have a question for DNA: There are several games out there that is starting to be more interactive and at the same time has full 3D. Half-life is almost like a movie except that the player is the main character and he/she can do whatever he/she wants.The upcoming Kingpin has even more dialog and stuff. Do you think youll do the next game in first-person 3D, except with more dialogs like SST?

Just wondering,
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