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Subject: Re: My sincerest condolences... ( 11 of 11 )
Posted by Amanda

Although I do know what it is like to suffer great loss, and I do feel for you, deeply, I have little knowledge of near death experience. Maybe because I'm a "reformed" Southern Baptist (another subject, entirely), and I try to block from my mind all that is too preachy, touchy-feely, ala "tunnel of light", new age, yadda yadda yadda. After years of searching, I find that I am of no fixed religious preference. I tend to take the "Star Wars" approach to life, the universe, and everything (sorry, Douglas!)- there seems to be some force binding the collective "all", and that everything is made up of this force, or energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but changes, if you will, and is dispersed or absorbed. Does this make sense?? Maybe you can take comfort in the fact that your child's energy is still with you somewhere in the world.
Or, perhaps "near death" isn't of a religious nature at all, but more of a philosophical thoery. Time, however, has proven that philosophical theories aren't easily proven by modern science (for instance, look at world peace and Utopia). Fortunately (or unfortunately), I tend to take the low road of science, which makes the idea of floating up to some celestial paradise, only to be thown back onto this smoggy rock of a planet, either 1) some not-so-funny joke that God (if IT exists) WOULD play on us, or 2) some more of that wishy-washy wishful thinking (see above).
Also, there are several good support groups on The Mining Co. com, where you can meet others sharing the same loss.
I think I did see the ghost of my Grandmother when I was seven, but that, too, is an entirely different story altogether.

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