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Subject: Re: Zaphod's heads ( 8 of 11 )
Posted by a perfectly safe penguin

Well, I think I'll just let you worry about the details. I'm capable of appreciating the fact that I have the easy job of simply watching the result of whatever you think up. I'm a fundamentally lazy person. You don't need me to think of ideas for you, so I'm not going to waste the effort of doing it. I devote all my spare effort to being lazy. I think many people fail to appreciate how truly hard-working most lazy people really are. The amount of energy lazy people put into getting out of work far exceeds the amount of energy required to actually do the work in the first place. I personally put a gargantuan amount of energy into not doing homework when I was in school. It's no wonder I was always tired. If I could devise a way of harnessing all that energy... Nah, to much bother.
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