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Subject: Re: Other peoples cash and special effects ( 5 of 6 )
Posted by Darcy

Mr Adams

In one of those strange coincidences that happen so often that they're really not (strange, that is)I was just reading your reply when up bobs an episode of the TV series on (strangely enough)the telly; so I could instantly assess your chances of setting a new benchmark.

As my father would say: "if you set the bar low enough you're bound to get over it".

Incidentally, as an ex-employee of ABC radio (2JJ early 80s)in Australia I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people in Oz to hear the radio series prior to airing and fell in love with it. Congrats on finally getting it to the big screen and hope you manage to win most of the 'compromises'.

One final comment(from one failed ex-radio writer to another hugely successful one):

If there is to be a voice of 'the book' and as the wonderful tones of Peter Jones are no longer available can you try to keep the accent English? As an impartial Aussie I think an American voice-over just wouldn't suit...

Good Luck.
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