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Subject: Last Chance to See spawns a conservationist ( 1 of 9 )
Posted by Helena Mills

This isn't really a question, I've been meaning to send a letter for years.
I just wanted to let you know that Last Chance to See, which I first read when I was 12 or so, made me see that there really were people who helped save endangered species around the world, and that I could be one of them! I have since become more interested in the concept of saving ecosystems, and to that end have finished an ecology degree. I am, as I write, procrastinating in the writing of my thesis, entitled "Conservation Ecology of a Sub-alpine Woodland with Heath Understorey", which is much more boring, and much more important, than it sounds. I have been meaning to thank you for years for the direction in which your book helped turn my life, but wanted to wait till I really could say that I am a conservationist who has really helped. As my thesis recommendations will be taken on in the management of a national park, I feel I can say this now.
Thanks for the inspiration,
Helena Mills

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