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Subject: Guy from Jurassic Park ( 15 of 33 )
Posted by Kristina Marie

Yeah, it coulda been Sam Neill, but the popular opinion seems to be that Jeff Goldblum is the perfect Ford.

I'm not saying that's my opinion. In fact I'm practically saying that it's not, because it's the popular one and I never get any of those survey-type Family Feud questions right.

But that's more likely what she meant.

Anyway, isn't Idle about the same age as Michael Palin and, er, as much I hate to repeat it, Stonehenge? Someone somewhere has somewhat officially pointed out that none of the Python guys are likely to be in the film—at least not as principals, I suppose. If they're really as old as all that (Cleese didn't look that old in The Out-of-Towners and he's still got all kinds of moves, and I think that was Idle in NBC's Alice in Wonderland and he looked all right to me but admittedly they're a bit past the age of Arthurhood) then I guess there's hope for them yet as Slartibartfast or... erm... or as... ahh... I dunno, maybe the barman at the Horse and Groom or something.

Shee, I've got to learn laconism. All I wanted to say was 'she probably meant Jeff Goldblum.'
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