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Subject: Re: Ever been harassed in Islington Our Price? ( 4 of 12 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

To be honest, it gives me a real shock if I'm recognised or accosted on my home territory. It's one thing if you're walking down Regent St or somewhere like that, but if you're just pottering around your local shops, then suddenly feeling that you're being watched is almost like having a stranger wander into your bathroom when you're cleaning your teeth.
Luckily it doesn't happen very much in the UK. (Though someone came up to me and asked for my autograph while I was sitting having a coffee in a little cafe near Oxford Circus the other day, and I was so preoccupied that I nearly bit the poor guy's head off. I didn't mean to - I was just startled.) It happens more in the US where, I guess, people are less reticent. (That sounds like a missing verse from Home on the Range, doesn't it? "Where the people are less reticent") I remember being terribly embarrassed when a couple of people came up and asked for my autograph just as I was by myself coming out of a movie theatre in Century City where I had been watching a hideously dumb movie. I think I tried to pretend to be someone else.
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