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Subject: Re: Islington? ( 5 of 5 )
Posted by TimW

I apologise if my mentioning of St Albans Place causes any inconvenience but I felt a sense of connection when I found the place some years ago.
It was easy to imagine you staring out of that first floor door, noticing disused bird's nest in gutters just out of reach across the alley, maybe seeing a bicycle thief wrestling with your chained up Raleigh, or wandering if they'd ever do something with the disused Royal Agricultural Halls (now the Business Design Centre and hidden from view by a hotel). Anything rather than going back to writing.

I used to go regularly to a twice-yearly computer show at the BDC, and would occasionally wander Islington with remembered phrases from your books popping into my head.
"Fenchurch's house" was the only place I ever found for certain.

There was another time I felt the sense of connection. I'd never really understood why you linked Valhalla and the Midland Grand Hotel. I'd been past and through St Pancras station many times and driven down Pentonville road a fair few times, but I'd never really been struck by the hotel frontage before. When on a wander, I'd come out onto Pentonville Road from Penton Street, I saw the how the size, grandeur and magnificence/hideousness of Midland Grand dominated the local skyline. It was something to do with being at the right distance, so that you could see it all and for it still to look large.
It was perhaps fanciful, but I couldn't help thinking that you had once stopped here and made a mental note of the view.
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