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Subject: DNA: Robbie McIntosh ( 3 of 7 )
Posted by Dirk Gently

[Robbie is quite simply one of the very best guitar players in the world. I love Clapton, but Robbie is better. You will not hear more joyously great guitar playing anywhere than you will in Guildford on Dec 18th. Really.]

Hmm.. might have to look out for some his stuff. Does his new band record under his name or do they have a band name?

It's always deeply irritating when someone of great skill refuses to show off. Why, if he is so good, have I never heard of him? I can understand the Clapton comparison, a superb guitarist, don't get me wrong, but the continual application of the "god" nickname is unjustified; Gary Moore is a better Blues guitarist.

Pagey and Hendrix are still unsurpassed in many areas and still I hear, "ah, but Mott the Hoople's Mick Ronson was way better than Page." What? On the back of (the excellent but singular) All the Young Dudes riff? Apparantly, so I'm told, his best work was either session work or out of the studio altogether. Well it doesn't bloody count then!

Grr.. a distinctly disconnected and temporarily reductionist Dirk

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