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Subject: Dove Audiobooks: Zee or Zed? ( 1 of 9 )
Posted by Mike

I recently borrowed the audiobooks of "HHGTTG" and "Restaurant et al." last week from our local library, and I'm enjoying my commute to/from work this week very much. It's especially nice to hear DNA's wonderful voice characterizations... but that's not the purpose of this message. I noticed in at least two places where Mr. Adams pronounces the 26th letter of the alphabet as "zee" rather than "zed". (e.g. when Trillian spells out the coordinates where they picked up Arthur and Ford: ZZ9 plural Z alpha, and later when Zaphod sees the initials "Z.B." etched in his brain). Anyway, I was curious whether (a) he did this voluntarily, in the event that the audiobook was targeted for an American audience, or (b) whether the "zed" pronunciation is becoming a thing of the past. I'd hate to think that he (or his publishers) would worry about the poor Americans who would lay awake at night, wondering what a "zed" was...

And as long as I have everyone's attention: does anyone know whether or not any of DNA's works are available on CD instead of cassette? I'd very much like to buy one or more sets of these recordings, but I'd very much prefer a more durable medium. And since my car has a CD changer, I would still be able to listen to these recordings there, as well as at home. I'm assuming that they've never been released in CD audio format because of the relatively small market segment for CD audiobook buyers.

- Mike

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