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Subject: Re: Was it really that bad? ( 5 of 14 )
Posted by Eeyore

Yes, I think a lot of people must have come to the books via the TV series, liked the books better of course, as you do, but still have a fondness for the show. My brother and sister and I used to watch it religiously and we loved it. Hugely formative stuff.

Also, for us Generation X types who grew up with Dr Who's wobbling sets and space-ships on sticks, part of the charm of those BBC productions were their low-budget, slightly pantomime feel. And Slartibartfast was perfect.

I've always thought that high-tech special effects were totally unecessary to conveying the humour and wisdom of the Hitchhiker stories. In fact, I hope the film doesn't lose sight of the satire in favour of fireworks. And if I don't hear the marvellous strains of the TV theme when I'm sitting in the darkened cinema I shall be crushed. CRUSHED.

But, hey, I'll get over it.
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