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Subject: Re: Six Impossible Things ( 13 of 17 )
Posted by Oscar

I have found a bogglingly simple technique for avoiding confusion like the above thread! I simply remain blissfully ignorant of anything that has to do with almost anything. Well, it's not by choice, actually, it's just the way my life seems to happen. I only read the hitchiker's series cause I happened to see it on tv a few times when I was a young teenager, and thought I'd better read at least 1 novel in my lifetime. I only know about red dwarf because I happened to be sitting at home bored on holidays one day, and having a total choice of 2 channels (the second was a recent addition, in case you think I was deprived), I turned it on to the ABC (Australian), and there it was...10 minutes into the very first episode aired (That happens to me a lot, but maybe I just notice it more than other people...).

I hope I haven't made anyone gag for replying to this thread...I'd hate to be the instigator of someone choking to death from a triviality overdose.

I think I'll stop while I'm ahead...

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