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Subject: Re: Mr Adams and the Beatles ( 2 of 4 )
Posted by Jim

Back in '99 I was watching the live web cast of Paul McCartney at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. And for about half an hour before the event actually started, the camera was just at the back of the crowd, focusing on the bald spot of this tall man with wiry grey hair. I could have sworn it was Douglas Adams, so I posted a question here. He confirmed and said that he'd heard rumors that several million people had enjoyed the view of his thinning tonsure. A few days after that he posted some digital camera pics he'd snapped of Macca and the band. If you find the date of the web cast and go back through the threads to that date, I'm sure you'll find my post and Mr. Adams' answers.

Anyway, the point being that, yes, I'm guessing DNA is a Beatles fan.
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