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Subject: He'll always be with me! ( 1 of 1 )
Posted by Alexander Pelov

Half an hour ago I was sure Douglas Adams was alive. Then I saw the message about his death and I just couldn't believe it! Now, after I saw it on this site I'm sure he IS alive and he will always be amongst us. He is here - watching me from the pages of his book while I'm reading. Listening to the music with my ears, tasting the food with my mouth... By giving away his masterpieces to us, by giving us the chance to see our world from a diferent angle, by letting us realize our real place in the universe he became part of us. He became part of me. And I'm pretty sure that some day we'll meet again. He has already reserved us a table in the Restaurant at The End of The Universe and is waiting for the greatest show of all times to begin! So let the camera roll - we have all life together ahead!
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