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  • 12.May.2001 22:46:16 So Long DNA, and Thanks for all the Memories... - Jason Bertovich

    Subject: So Long DNA, and Thanks for all the Memories... ( 1 of 1 )
    Posted by Jason Bertovich

    A sunny day can suddenly seem grey, for a great writer has gone away.

    I felt suddenly saddened, when I heard the news today. What had been a wonderful sunny day suddenly had a great deal of joy drained from it.

    Adams was one of those authors who gave me the love of the written word I have today. It almost seems Karmic that a day before I start my new job selling books, one of the greatest comic writers of thsi generation has left us forever. Even now, as I open new books and delve into new worlds of imagination, I cannot but help of think of Adams and how his wit and imagination reeled me in and never let go.

    Everytime I see a ratty bathrobe, a ungodly alcoholic concoction, or a well-used and beloved towel, I will think of that wry grin behind those even more wry words. God bless and rest in peace.

    I can only think of one proper quote of his that seems a fitting tribute:

    "What on earth are you two doing?" - Arthur
    "It's an Ancient Beatelguesean Death-anthem, it means 'after this, things can only get better.'" - Ford, Hitchhikers TV Program episode 4.

    I certainly do hope things are better DNA, because they now seem a little less surreal here.

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