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Subject: So long and thanks for all the laughs ( 1 of 2 )
Posted by Hurley

I just found out that Douglass Adams died. I really don't know yet how to react. Somehow I keep hoping that this is all some hoax or joke or something, but I know it's not. Concidering that I never met the man, never talked to him or anyone who knew him, it's funny that I feel like I lost one of my closest friends, but I do. Throughout my life, his books have been a source of joy, comfort, and humor for me, and that will always be there. For that, I will always be thankful. One of the great lightsources in the Universe has gone out, but the light it gave will shine on forever. Mr. Adams, I thank you for all the laughs, all the joy and all the comfort. My life will always bear the marks you have left.

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