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  • 12.May.2001 23:10:36 Life, don't talk to me about Life! - Darren

    Subject: Life, don't talk to me about Life! ( 1 of 1 )
    Posted by Darren

    See you in Milliways Douglas! You're not doing a
    Hotblack Desiato are you?
    I just decided to play my Hitch Hiker's videos the other day. Funnily enough my VCR kept spitting out the first video : obviously made by the Sirius Cybernetic corporation!
    Then before I've had chance to play the second tape the mighty prophet Zarquon has added you to his fold.
    You'll be sorely missed, and kept me waiting years for the next book, that didn't come.
    Glad to see that the BBC have taken H2G2 under their wing!
    Night Owls like me even caught your HardTalk interview on BBC 24.
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