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Subject: P. G. Woodhouse ( 1 of 5 )
Posted by (For pity's sake, don't tell my teenager that

First, a disclaimer: I took about as much time perusing your MFAQ as I would have spent in a careful read-through of the operating instructions for a new VCR. (Read: I DIDN'T read.) But apart from some tenacious (SpellCheck, are you getting this?) little notions about "winging it" being much more fun (if less efficient in the long run) than beginning at the beginning, I can generally be relied upon to follow rules. So in the spirit of what-have-I-got-to-lose,-he-may-even-answer-me,-anyway, I hereby post the following:

Your sublime sense of the ridiculous has always reminded me of Woodhouse. While a more intelligent individual might hesitate to mention That Name due to the everpresent risk of generating some heated political debates (and I do have a nervous stomach) I am nevertheless consumed by curiosity. So: How do you feel about Woodhouse? Did that old egg have a spiffy way with the written word, or what?

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