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Subject: Re: I'm here ( 6 of 20 )
Posted by Simon Hudson

Morning Douglas,

First of all, a hearty shake of the hand (one of those new, extra warm, sincere ones with a deft touch of the elbow) of congratulations on this, a cracking new site.

There are good sites, bad sites and parasites and this, my friend, is a good 'un. Two others are John Catalano's Richard Dawkins site ( and, though modesty (pah!) screams, "be quiet", my own (

"What?", you cry, "nothing but a shameless plug? An incidious attempt to abuse the fan/humour-fiction-author-hero relationship on some ego trip?"

"Well, er... yes.", I mutter. But now the meme is planted and thou shall visit this place ( and learn it's secrets. If you don't I won't read Dirk Gently's HDA ever again.

Looking forward to the new H2G2 film and game,


"Life results from the non-random selection of randomly varying replicators" - Richard Dawkins
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