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Subject: The lights went out... ( 1 of 1 )
Posted by TraXy the Paranoid Android

It was around 1:30pm, Swedish time, I was just about to go out and enjoy the sunlight, when I got an SMS from a friend in England. The message was "Douglas Adams is dead :'(" I wrote back and asked how, why, when, etc. and immediately got a reply. I wrote to my sister, who is also a DNA fan, and told her, she wrote back and was very sad too.

I remember reading the Guide for the very first time. It made me think in quite a different way than before... and I just loved his way of writing. It's been a great inspiration for me, and for everyone else.

Thank you for everything, Douglas. I am sure you can liven up the Other Side until we get there.

With lots of love to Douglas, his wife and daughter,

Sofia, Sweden

"Oh God, I'm depressed." -Marvin
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