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  • 12.May.2001 21:29:54 ...but sometimes it happens to early! - Andreas Skyman

    Subject: ...but sometimes it happens to early! ( 1 of 1 )
    Posted by Andreas Skyman

    Now the whole world's filled with dread
    Only darkness in my head
    Tons of tears wait to be shed
    In my bed to night

    I can't lay me down to sleep
    All I can do is to weep
    Sweet dreams wishes you can keep
    I will mourn to night

    When the news reached me it seemed that the world lost all colours.
    Black skies, white sun, gray trees.
    The man who's works have inspired me for more than a decade was suddenly gone. All to early...

    Adams was notorious for his humour but also for being commited to making the world a better place. He was one of those rare celebritieswho use their fame for something good. I'm sure that the Kakapo knows what I mean.

    We have not just lost a man with a great sense of humour but also a true visonary and he will be mourned by millions.

    Salutations to you Douglas Adams for the great times you gave me! I could not have made it here without your support and I know your work will be remembered and will inspire millions to come!

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