The Original Radio Scripts

It's all here - ARTHUR DENT's cosmic trek through the universe in its original form as Douglas Adams first conceived it! - with FORD PREFECT, Arthur's best buddy and cohort; ZAPHOD BEEBLEBROX, two-headed, three-armed ex-honcho of the universe; SLARTIBARTFAST, award-winning coastline designer; MARVIN, the paranoid android; and all the outrageous places and momentous events you're fanatically devoted to. But that's not all! You also get: Douglas Adams' worldly words "Where do you get all your ideas from?"; Characters that have never before appeared in any other Hitch Hiker medium; Previously censored material about the production of the radio show that tell how the sound effects were created. Now you can read along with reruns of the show! Or, even better, you can put on performances of your own!

MEDIUM: book
ISBN: 0330292889

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