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Subject: Re: Mac Stuff ( 2 of 12 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

I had a great time at this event. I think that the new digital video technology which is emerging is really revolutionary, even in a world in which we hear that word too much. Apple has done a fantastic job in making it very simple and intuitive to use. My criticism would be that in striving to make it simple they have put too low a ceiling on how adventurous you can be, but this is version 1.0. There is a yawning gap between iMovie (bundled free with the iMac DV) and Final Cut Pro which is the best part of a grand, and I don't suppose the gap will stay empty for long.

I was particularly entertained to see John Cleese, who has long been very anti computers, becoming fascinated by this particular application. He was, I think, pretty amazed to discover that you could do stuff on the desktop in a couple of hours that would in his earlier experience take an etnire BBC production crew to do. The sketch he produced was classic Cleese.
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