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Subject: Re: Apple Masters session in Cupertino ( 10 of 12 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

Apple planned to give each participant the equipment they used - an iMac and a DV camera. In the case of the children invited from local schools the schools told Apple that it might be divisive if individual children were given the equipment, and would Apple instead please give the equipment to the class so that everyone could share it. Apple agreed.

A journalist from Wired decided to put a negative spin on this, but that's just journalism. It's hard to imagine what else Apple should have done. If they hadn't invited in children from the local schools, the issue would of course never have arisen. Alternatively they could have tried to solve the problem of world poverty before holding the class, but that's not really their job. Or they could have handed out some free kit to the journalists as well - that usually works a treat, but Apple doesn't seem to do that. Instead, they did what the local schools asked them to do. No good deed ever goes unpunished.
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