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Subject: Hush hush hush... ( 17 of 23 )
Posted by Ann

It's funny that people try to market movies by using big names (Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, etc.). I'm rather hoping that the movie can avoid this sort of mentality. I'd be quite pleased if it used total unknowns--people that have some charisma for once. Goodness knows there must be a lot of talent hiding in odd places. I'd prefer people to go looking a little bit. Sort of like Gone with the Wind and Vivian Leigh.

But if there had to be stars, here are some people I wouldn't mind seeing at some point in the movie: Ben Kingsley (he's played everything from a fool to Ghandi, for gosh sakes), Martin Short, Dustin Hoffman, Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks' Agent Cooper would make a good Ford, I think). For some reason, I think Heather Graham could fit Trillian, but those last flicks of hers irritated me.
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