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Subject: Re: Casting ( 20 of 23 )
Posted by Hawley Smoot

Well, I don't know about Arthur. Hugh Grant would be feasable... but I'm just not too fond of him.

I'm not sure if Dave Foley would work as Ford. He's one of my favorite actors, but he's just a little too subdued for Ford. Martin Short would be great. Johnny Depp could also work. Actually, Johnny Depp might be a good choice for Arthur. He's shown he has a great range of characters, and has played the clueless, hapless, dumfounded protagonist before. He's not quite British... although he tried to have an accent in Sleepy Hollow. I'm not sure how accurate that was though. Jennifer Connely IS Fenchurch to me... but I could handle her as Trillian. Shawn Wallace (I think that's his name, Rex in Toy Story and Vincini in The Princess Bride) would make a nice Prosser. I can imagine his Mongol ancestors raging in his brain.

I'd like to mention (as I have a few times) that Danny Elfman would be great for the score. And I'd like to hear his take on Journey of the Sorceror. Speaking of which, I hope the song has at least some part in the movie. It's so perfect.

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