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Subject: More rumour squashing ( 1 of 11 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

I just had a look at the FAQ at
I'd like to correct one or two of the things on it.

First of all, I have not tried to 'downplay' Disney's role in this. Disney is the studio which is making this movie, which is financing it, which will be distributing it. It couldn't really be much more central to the project.

What I have tried to explain is that people's ideas of who or what Disney is is a little out of date. Yes, it made Bambi and Snow White and Flubber, but it also made Pulp Fiction, The Rock, etc., etc. It is a huge entertainment corporation, one part of which still makes what it originally made, i.e. family entertainment. So to talk about 'Disney-fying' Hitchhiker makes as much sense as saying 'Columbia-fying' it or 'Universal-fying' it. Yes, each studio has its strengths and weaknesses at any moment, depending on who's running what, but generalisations based on Bambi no longer apply. The important issues as far as I'm concerned is - who are the individual people I'm working with? The director, the producer, the studio executive etc. As things stand at the moment, I'm feeling very happy, confident and well looked after. But we have a huge task and huge challenges. Let's see how it goes.

The next issue is that the rights have been acquired by Mike Myers. What on earth is that about? Mike Myers has nothing to do with the movie at all. The only connection is a coincidental one, that Jay Roach, who is to direct Hitchhiker, also directed Mike Myers' film Austin Powers.

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