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Subject: Re: More rumour squashing ( 4 of 11 )
Posted by CrazyOne

I can only assume the Mike Myers line came from some garbled version of the announcement that Jay Roach would direct. It's been in there for a while, probably since around the time of the original movie announcement, and since before I had anything to do with any FAQ. I bugged Stuart about it before (I think). Note that it remains only as part of the "old old movie story" which is not the current info, though since it totally never happened, I'm not sure why he never took it completely out.

The more than complete FAQ attempts to have more than enough information, including the old Michael Nesmith and perhaps even Ivan Reitman stories. The MFAQ attempts to be more nimble and get the latest bits of info, so sometimes it's more current. Shameless plug for my site which always has the most current version of the MFAQ. ;-) And it is this smaller document that is posted weekly to the infamous newsgroup. I haven't heard anyone questioning the Mike Myers bit at all, but the Jim Carrey rumor persists a bit.

Hehe, I noticed the other day while going through the excellent IMDB that HHGG will have some major company in Summer 2000, namely Jurassic Park 3. Haven't they milked that enough?
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