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Subject: Re: School Project ( 2 of 4 )
Posted by TimW

1) It is easy to explain the idea with 20/20 hindsight. The Titanic was built as an unsinkable liner. It sank on its maiden voyage. A Starship called Titanic would also be expected to crash, disappear etc. on its maiden voyage. So what if they designed the spaceship, so that it was a virtual impossibility that anything could wrong and then put a primitive improbability drive in it?

It has probably taken you longer to read my feeble deconstruction of the idea than it took DNA to think it.
Good (and indeed bad) ideas are usually the combination of two or more disparate and unrelated ideas or concepts. If you want to know how people have ideas, ask a psychologist. DNA would only be able to tell you the ideas that went into his new idea (i.e a starship as "unsinkable" as the Titanic and the Improbability drive).
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