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Subject: Re: School Project ( 3 of 4 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

1) 'Coming up' with ideas if what I do.

2) I wrote a detailed plotline, which is what I would have used to write the novel myself if the publishers hadn't wanted it out within the same time frame as the game (which, ironically, was then delayed itself.) Terry wrote the book using (loosely!) my framework.

3) There are no 'delays' as such on the movie because there has never been a schedule set in stone. Different movies move at different rates depending on circumstances. This one is going to be hugely complex, hugely expensive, and getting everything to move together within the shifting sands of Hollywood is just very slow, but we are getting there.
However, you can bet that if the movie works as well as we hope, then everybody will demand that a second one be put together in two weeks. heigh ho.
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