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Subject: Re: DNA and Red Dwarf and Terry Pratchett and... ( 16 of 16 )
Posted by Pegasus

The main thing which DNA, Terry Pratchett and Red Dwarf have in common is that they are all British humour, and as we all know, this often does not travel across the Atlantic well. I believe they made a US version of Red Dwarf, which was a phenomenal flop. *fingers crossed for 'Disneys Guide to the Galaxy'*

I've been a fan of HHGG since childhood *TV series - missed it on radio*, read the books repeatedly and formed some pretty nifty philosophies on life IMHO.

Also been a fan of Red Dwarf since the original TV series, but feel it's not the same since the two writers parted company. Never read Pratchett, partly because he's such a prolific writer that if I got hooked, I'd never be finished reading, but mostly because I suspect that quantity from Mr Pratchett will not equal quality from DNA.

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