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Subject: Re: Dr. Snuggles v. Creationism ( 2 of 3 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

I certainly had nothing to do with the creation of Dr Snuggles. But in 1976? 1977? I co-wrote a couple of episodes of it with John Lloyd for TV. My recollection is pretty dim at this point, but I remember we came up with one episode called Dr Snuggles and the Frightened River about a river that was hiding in a cave becasue someone was stealing chunks of the ocean. I can't remember what the other one was called.

I remember dealing with a Dutchman called Joop Visch. We never met the guy who invented the character, which seemed to be cross between Dr Doolittle and Professor Branestawm. There didn't seem to be (or at least we never got to see) very much of substance, and we were encouraged to invent freely. I never saw the episodes that were made from our scripts. It was just a job for a couple of hungry wannabes, but I do recall that we had a lot of fun doing it.
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