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Subject: Re: Dr. Snuggles v. Creationism ( 3 of 3 )
Posted by Charles Lehmann

I do actually recall that episode. Dimly, vaguely, probably a lot of wishful
thinking involved in the recollection, but I DO recall it.

I apologise for bothering you with this, I went back and read over the
section again and it does state fairly clearly that you contributed a story
but did not create Dr. Snuggles. He was a wonderful character, voiced
by Sir Peter Ustinov who does such a wonderful 'gentle, yet confused'
character. My childhood was richer and happier, I think, because of it.

Again, my thanks for your time and effort. It seems a little silly, but receiving
a reply directly from you did give me quite a thrill. (Silly because you are, as
you so deftly pointed out in 'Don't Panic' , not some Genius on High but rather
just a man. Though I must say I feel you do yourself a disservice there,
perhaps a necessary one. I am not famous and subsequently cannot say much
about Fame etc.)

Whew! I did manage to write quite a bit despite my staggering ignorance, didn't I?

Most Sincerely,
Charles Lehmann

PS Thank you for 'Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency' I hope to one day write
something half as tightly woven, upon the success of which, I would feel insufferably
pleased with myself.

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