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Subject: Re: Randy Newman ( 13 of 13 )
Posted by dedalus11204

As much as I love almost all of Mr. Newman's work ("Sail Away" and "Rednecks" are some of the funniest and scariest songs ever written) I think his best work is a version of Faust he did a few years back. James Taylor sings the role of God to Randy's Satan, with Bryan Adams playing the worthless git who makes a deal with the devil and becomes famous (typecasting if you ask me).

Bonnie Raitt sings the role of a cruel and beautiful woman Satan falls in love with.

"Relax, Enjoy Yourself," "Glory Train" and "Little Island" are some of the great somes on this record, which should have ended up being a huge Broadway musical instead of whatever Disney and Elton has managed to dribble out lately.
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