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Subject: Re: Randy Newman ( 7 of 13 )
Posted by Mike

Randy Newman is the coolest person alive. Even now when he is older he still plays and sings like always. Not to mention the fact that I am writing this saying my name is Mike and my E-mail is Anthony. Well all in the same I only received two hours of sleep in the past twenty-four, and those where the beginning ones. But all that I am saying and I hate it when people dissaggree with me is Randy Newman is a God to me, and I would love to meet him someday, but i would probably say somthing stupid. Sorry for taking that but You said it all man Wanker is a cool word, and someday YOU Douglas Adams will reach the status that Randy Newman, Zaphod Beezelbrox, and Jimi Hendrix has already reached and that is God like. Oh well I will say it now, Douglas Adams is less than Jimi in music but more than Randy Newman in , well,... whatever it is that you do.
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