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Subject: Re: Help understanding Dirk Gently ending. I'm stumped! ( 3 of 8 )
Posted by Mike Stollery

Jeez, yeah, it's been ages since I read the book so I can't remember the
half of what went on in it. I remember it being based on a Doctor Who story, mind.
Anyway, it was all to do with Dirk stopping Coleridge from writing the second and
much stranger part of Kubla Khan (a ploy which, of course, worked because in our
reality that part of the poem doesn't exist) and so at the meal, all the stuff that goes on
during the reading of that bit of the poem (you'll have to go back and find out what that was -
I can't remember) never happens and stops other stuff from having happened too.
Classic time travel cop-out stuff.

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